February 22, 2013

Vintage airline posters

If air travel was as stylish as it appears to have been in decades past, I might not mind the crazy prices and endless inconveniences. Seriously, look at these vintage airline posters. Aren't they gorgeous?

1. allposters.uk.com / 2. simplycirculate.wordpress.com / 3. ptatransitauthority.blogspot.com / 4. galerie123.com / 5. deckss.com 

February 20, 2013

Style School: How to Do Red Lips

I was kind of a tomboy growing up. Didn’t really do makeup, didn’t bother much with my hair, and almost always wore jeans and t-shirts. I was more into music and books, and trying to look pretty usually just made me feel awkward.

Flash forward 10 years. I still think of myself as pretty low-maintenance, but at 26 (WOW), decided I can’t keep going through life looking like a high schooler. I decided it was time to learn some of the basic how-to-look-good skills I never bothered picking up as a teenager.

Starting with red lips, because they’re super glamorous, and my eyes light up whenever I see someone wearing them. I asked my sister, Georgie, for help with this one because she knows more about beauty and makeup than anyone else I know. She was even a beauty intern for Vogue! Here’s her advice.

Pick the most flattering shade
Whether you choose a red with warm or cool undertones depends on your complexion. “Skin color is the most important, followed by hair color and eye color,” she says.
Orange reds look best on fair skin with pink undertones and light hair (think Kate Bosworth), or on cocoa skin (think Zoe Saldana).
Coral reds look best on naturally bronze or olive skin (think Kim Kardashian), or on beige skin with light hair and light eyes (think Uma Thurman).
Brick reds look best on beige skin with green eyes (think Sophia Bush) or fair skin with yellow undertones (think Devon Aoki).
Deep reds look best on golden skin with dark blonde hair (think Lauren Conrad).
Plum reds look best on darker skin (think Iman).

Apply it right
Once you get the right color, here’s how to keep it from bleeding all over the place or fading away in five minutes.
1. Use a nude lip liner to line your lips and fill them in completely.
2. Swipe on the lipstick. Use a Q-tip to erase any mistakes around the edges.
3. Pop your index finger in your mouth and make an “O” shape while pulling it out. That’ll get rid of any excess red inside your lips so you don’t end up with lipstick on your teeth.

Keep everything else simple
Remember, your red lips should steal the show. So keep your blush light, use a beige or nude eyeshadow, and if you want eyeliner, just do a thin line at the top. (Mascara’s fine, but don’t overdo it). Clothes-wise, Georgie says she likes sticking to neutral colors—and I agree, this looks amazing, right?--but you certainly don’t have to.

Here's my first attempt from Friday night. I love it! Even with a crappy iPhone picture, I still look pretty good. 

 Image: primped.ninemsn.com.au

February 19, 2013

Good and Good For You: Kale-Parmesan Salad

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Dr. Andrew Weil for a while. Eating Well for Optimum Health was a big read for me in high school, and thanks to it, I spent a whole summer eating hippie cereal with seaweed-fortified soymilk for breakfast. EdenSoy is so good…and so expensive.

Seriously, though. Dr. Weil is great because he’s really intelligent, and manages to communicate his thoughts about health in this sort of jolly, soothing way that makes me think, Yes! I can take care of myself and not be miserable while I do it. And the fact that he looks really happy—no, joyful—in all of his photos is just so NICE.

He has a new-ish cookbook out that I (regretfully) don’t yet own, but when I saw the recipe for his kale salad with Parmesan and breadcrumbs, I had to try it. (Also: I don’t care how many people say kale is played out, it’s a vegetable, not a band, and I'm going to keep eating it.)

Dr. Weil’s Kale-Parmesan Salad
Adapted from True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure

2 large bunches curly kale, tough stems removed and leaves thinly sliced
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup freshly-squeezed lemon juice
3 garlic cloves, grated
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, plus some shaved cheese for garnish
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Rinse all your kale well and dry thoroughly. If you skip this step, you could end up eating dirt, which is always disappointing.

In a measuring cup, whisk together the oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Pour it over the kale. Use your fingers to toss the kale so the dressing gets on every leaf, then massage the dressing into the leaves for a minute or two. Let the kale sit for a half hour to soften up.

Add the cheese and the breadcrumbs to the kale and toss to combine. Divide into serving bowls and top with a little more cheese (grated is fine, but I think shavings look pretty). Eat and feel the glow that comes from eating an enormous bowl of vegetables.

Serves 4 as a main course or 8 as a side dish  

February 18, 2013

Amazing outdoor hangout

I'm working today, but the weather's so nice and I'd rather be hanging out in this little fabric alcove shot by Idha Lindhag. When we get a backyard this summer, making one of these might have to be a top priority. Wouldn't it be great?

Music Monday: Piano Appreciation

Part of me wishes I’d been made to take piano lessons as a little kid. I obviously would’ve hated it at the time, because I hate being made to do anything. But to be able to play the piano as an adult would be really nice. Since that probably won’t happen—at least not any time soon—I’m satisfying my piano craving with this mix. Fellow Spotify users can listen here.

1. “How It Should B (Sha Sha)” – Ben Kweller
2. “Battle of Who Could Care Less” – Ben Folds Five
3. “I’m In A Dancing Mood” – Dave Brubeck
4. “Blurry Nights” – Hayden
5. “The Way We Get By” – Spoon
6. “How Many Birds?” – Benji Hughes
7. “I Feel The Eart Move” – Carole King
8. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” – Jerry Lee Lewsi
9. “Lady Madonna” – The Beatles
10. “Let’s Not and Say We Did” – The Silver Jews
11. “Saturday Nite” – Blitzen Trapper
12. “Shadowboxer” – Fiona Apple
13. “I’m A Loser – Live” – Vince Guaraldi
14. “Honky Cat” – Elton John
15. “Hackensack” – Thelonius Monk
16. “Country Pie” – Bob Dylan
17. “Motel” – Hayden
18. “Since I First Met You” – The Robins
19. “Linus and Lucy” – Vince Guaraldi Trio 

Image: nadjaseale.com

February 15, 2013

Bon weekend!

Another week—check. Here’s some delightful stuff I found on the interwebs this week. I’m heading to the library this afternoon with hopes to pick up this, this, and this. Saturday night, we’re going to check out a new (to us) wine bar. What about you?

The cast of Empire Records then and now.

Here’s a pretty brilliant use for a ladder.

Sprouted Kitchen’s Chocolate Almond Butter Cups look amazing.

I don’t know why this video doesn’t have a million hits. It’s definitely better than a cat sticking it’s head under a running faucet.

Excellent productivity advice—must try.

J.Crew’s Very Personal Stylist app looks so cool. I wish it was in more stores!

A food and wine pairing chart that’s helpful and gorgeous. (via rusticpeach)

Image: picturescollections.com  

February 14, 2013

Emerson Fry SPRING

Get your wallets ready: Emerson Fry's spring line comes out February 19. YES! I want it all, but these babies are my favorites.

The best thing I've heard all week

You never know what's going to happen until it actually does, right? 

Songs about love

I’ve been seeing a lot of Valentine’s Day playlists around the interwebs these last few days. They’re all very nice. But if I might speak freely for just a minute, most of these lists are pretty one-sided. You know, songs to listen to while you canoodle with your dearest.

But there are SO many love songs out there, and the great majority of them aren’t that happy at all. Love can take all sorts of incarnations. And on this day that’s all about Love, I think we should take some time to recognize it in all its strange, thrilling, and very often painful forms. Here we go.

Love when you’re distraught over a break-up
“Song for the Dumped” – Ben Folds Five

Unrequited love
“Look Around” – Beat Happening

How could you do this to me?! love
“You Can’t Do That” – The Beatles

In love with a manic pixie dream girl
“Nitemare Hippy Girl” - Beck

What's our relationship status? love
“How Can I Be Sure” – The Young Rascals

Rough patch love
“Our Anniversary” – Smog

You're the most amazing person ever love
“I Only Have Eyes for You” – The Flamingos

February 13, 2013

All eyes on...rompers

I’ll never pretend to be the first person to have discovered anything. I have this sort of built-in old lady thing where most new things seem more new-fangled than cool or exciting, and I’m not interested. Until one day, after I’ve been exposed to it a thousand times, my mind changes out of nowhere. Like iPhones…I didn’t get one until 2012. Or Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Didn’t watch either until last fall. Or olives. I thought I hated them my entire life without even trying them. Until one day in college I had the incomprehensible urge to eat one. And I loved it, and now I eat olives almost every day.

This is silly, but it just can’t seem to be helped. 

Rompers are another thing. They seemed totally silly looking until about…yesterday. Now my mind is starting to change. I think I might want one. One of these might be really nice for spring, which I’m counting on arriving here in Texas in the next week or two.

Nice vague animal print. 

Cute spots, this almost looks like a dress. 

Fun for hanging around at the beach or when you'd really rather be naked on one thousand degree days in August.

If I worked at an office, I'd wear this with a blazer.

So pretty and spring-y, with seriously amazing embroidery.

Chic and simple, this is probably the one I'd pick. 

February 12, 2013

Good and Good For You: Almond Butter Hot Chocolate

It was a weeknight in 11th grade, one of the first cold nights of fall. I was spending my time just like every other kid in high school in the early 2000’s did: chatting online with my friends. (Nowadays, I guess they’d just text? I still chat tethered to my computer, but something about it feels totally antiquated.)

So: I was talking with my best friend Richard when I was struck with a craving for hot chocolate. “BRB, going to make some hot choc,” I typed, cutting off whatever hilarious conversation we were in the middle of.

I don’t remember if we were out of the little packets of Swiss Miss (with the crunchy dried marshmallows, I loved those) or if I was just feeling adventurous. But I ended up pulling out a canister of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa to make my toasty chocolate drink from scratch.

Somewhere along the way, things went wrong. I think what happened was the Hershey’s instructions on the side of the canister were for like, four servings of hot chocolate. I started out with just a cup of milk, knowing I wanted to make the recipe for just one. But me being me, forgot to keep cutting down the rest of the ingredients, and ended up putting something like a half cup of cocoa powder in my eight ounces of milk. At the time, the only cooking I knew how to do was toast an English muffin, so I didn’t even flinch at the ridiculous ratio.

When the hot chocolate was finally ready, I wrapped my hands around the mug, smiled, and took a sip. And immediately started choking on the insane amount of dry, bitter powder that hadn’t been absorbed into the milk. I might’ve collapsed on the floor or dropped the mug or both out of sheer disgust.

I wasn’t a total teenage fool, so it only took me a few minutes to realize what I’d done wrong, and I ran back to the computer to tell Richard what I did. I don’t remember his response, but the experience left enough of an impression on me that I still remember it almost ten years later.

Made with a creamy almond butter base, this delicious version of hot chocolate has almost nothing in common with the original—save for the fact that I still used Hershey’s cocoa powder. But it won’t make you choke or collapse, I promise. I originally developed the recipe as part of a healthy brunch story for Culinate, but wanted to share it this week for the upcoming chocolate holiday (err, Valentine's Day). 

Almond Butter Hot Chocolate
It might seem a little strange to put all the ingredients in the blender before warming them up, but I’ve found it prevents those dry chocolate lumps that form when you add cocoa powder directly to hot liquid.

1 3/4 cups water
2 1/2 tablespoons almond butter, chunky or smooth
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon brewed coffee (optional, but makes the cocoa taste extra chocolate-y)
Pinch salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a blender, add the water and almond butter and blend until smooth. Add the cocoa powder, sugar, coffee, and salt and blend again.

If you prefer a super-smooth hot cocoa, run the mixture through a strainer. I really like the slight graininess and even the small pieces of almond from the chunky almond butter, so I don't bother.

Transfer the mixture to a small saucepan and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Once simmering, turn off the heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into mugs and drink hot.

Serves 2

February 11, 2013

Cheery and bright

It's been cold and gloomy here for three days, which in Austin feels like a lifetime. We still have it better than most of the rest of the country who's dealing with Real Winter, but I think everyone could use a boost from the general February dreariness. Staring at this citrus illustration by Debbie Powell is doing it for me right now.

Music Monday: A little bit of nostalgia

After reading Things the Grandchildren Should Know I got inspired to revisit the Eels albums I used to listen to. And so on down the path once you start diving into old music you haven't listened to in forever. Usually that ends up making me a little sad, but this playlist is pretty cheerful. If 90s stuff makes you happy, you'll probably like this. If you're on Spotify, you can listen here.

1. "Cannonball" - The Breeders
2. "Novocaine for the Soul" - Eels
3. "No Destruction" - Foxygen
4. "The Concept" - Teenage Fanclub
5. "Pretty in Pink" - The Psychadelic Furs
6. "My Descent Into Madness" - Eels
7. "Road to Nowhere" - Talking Heads
8. "Tugboat" - Galaxie 500
9. "So Caroline" - The Posies
10. "Add It Up" - Violent Femmes
11. "Can't Hardly Wait" - The Replacements
12. "Squares" - The Beta Band
13. "Backwater" - The Meat Puppets
14. "Don't Tell Your Mother" - The Sundays
15. "What You Do To Me" - Teenage Fanclub
16. "Did I Tell You" - Yo La Tengo

Image: Painting by Hope Gangloff via vinylespassion.tumblr.com

February 9, 2013

Bon Weekend!

I meant to post this yesterday afternoon, but it was so nice out I decided to get away from the computer early. Here’s some little bits I collected over the week:

Dear Jennifer’s Teenage Wasteland photo series is so great, especially because it takes place in Austin. I can’t wait for the book.

Gorgeous photos of North Dakota before the recent oil boom.

Speaking of transformation, an interesting article about the changing face of Austin. I’ve not even been here four years, but I already notice some differences.

A new book about the inner minds of dogs. Must read.

I’d eat these any time of day.

I’m glad I’m not dead, too. (via thank you, ok)

And finally, this is a shirt for preschool boys. But I need it.

Image: Diana Ross at Studio 54 via liveauctioneers.com.

February 7, 2013

Good and Good For You: Salted Date Caramel Sundaes

Most of my ideas come up in one of two places: Outside walking Charlie or in the shower. Neither one is really good for writing anything down, so I usually have to just keep thinking about it until the walk/shower is over and I can jot myself a note. The date caramel sauce idea came up in the shower when I was thinking about no-bake desserts, and I was so excited it didn’t even really seem worth it to stick around and finish washing my hair (but I did, don’t worry).

The sauce is super easy to make and is REALLY delicious warm on top of vanilla ice cream. But since the recipe makes a big jar, I’ve been finding other ways to use it, too: In place of honey in smoothies, swirled into oatmeal, or spread onto toast with some butter. DELICIOUS. Please get yourself some dates and make this right away.

Salted Date Caramel Sundaes

14 medjool dates, pitted
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Vanilla ice cream (I used coconut milk ice cream, so this really was a healthy-ish dessert)
Salted, roasted peanuts, chopped (preferably skin-on)

While you pit the dates, boil a kettle of water. Place the dates in a heat-proof bowl and pour enough boiling water to cover. Cover the bowl and let the dates soften for 10 or 15 minutes. Drain the dates and reserve the liquid.

Put the dates in a food processor with the coconut oil, salt, and vanilla. Add a half cup of the reserved liquid and process, adding more liquid as needed to form a thick sauce. Taste to see if it’s salty enough to your liking. If not, add more salt, a pinch at a time.

To make the sundaes, put a scoop of ice cream in a dish. Top with a spoonful or two of the sauce (it’ll still be warm from the soaking liquid) and a handful of chopped peanuts.

Transfer the leftover sauce to a jar (you’ll have a good amount) and store, refrigerated, for up to 5 days.

February 6, 2013

The best thing I've heard all week: Motivation edition

Especially relevant for me right now as I try to establish myself in a new career. Sometimes I feel like much of what I've accomplished in my life so far can be chalked up to being lucky, good timing, what have you. Karma probably always factors into it, but mostly, we go the places we go because of the work we do. Right? Onward!

Image: kushandwizdom.tumblr.com/

Things kids do

I don't have kids, but when I do, I hope they do and say lots of really weird, funny things. (Judging by all the research I used to do as a parenting magazine editor, I think the odds are in my favor.) Nathan Ripperger is a dad and an artist, and he's made this hilarious series of prints, "Things I've Said to My Children," highlighting the ridiculous stuff he's said in response to the ridiculous things his kids have done. Here's a few of my favorites.

Nathan's prints are available in his Etsy shop. I kind of want the penguin one!  

February 5, 2013

Are mornings worth talking about?

Back in college, when I first started reading Jennifer Causey’s Simply Breakfast blog, I thought I was the only one in the world who was interested in other people’s morning routines.

Not so, at least nowadays. The Bon Apetit blog does a regular My Morning Routine series where celebrities describe what they eat for breakfast. And there are other blogs devoted solely to mornings and breakfast, too. xo breakfast, Desserts for Breakfast, and on and on.

It sounds so mundane, right? So why is it actually really interesting? Yesterday I even found myself absorbed in a New York Times article about Ina Garten’s Sunday morning routine. The Barefoot Contessa eats plain old oatmeal for breakfast? What a disappointment.

My morning routine doesn’t seem that interesting, but then again, it doesn’t seem that different from what most of these people do. So maybe it IS interesting after all? Here’s how it shakes out: I wake up at 7, put on NPR, and drink a huge mug of black coffee while sitting in the dark (on the couch, under a blanket). I check email, go on Facebook, scroll through my Google reader, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, read the latest Dear Prudence column on Slate. Then I take Charlie for an hour walk so we can both get some exercise and I can clear my head. When we get back, I make breakfast: Usually two hard-boiled eggs, but sometimes yogurt with walnuts and honey or, occasionally, homemade tea bread or a scone. I eat breakfast at my desk while I start work.

I know some people just get up and go to work immediately, but I need a lot of time to ease into my day. What about you?

Images: Flickr user Mathias*, stylesaint.com 

February 4, 2013

All eyes on...

When these amazing flats caught my (AHEM) eye this morning, I finally realized items with eyes on them are a thing for me. Is it tacky? One well-placed item probably wouldn't be. Except maybe the leggings. But I never said I'd actually wear them! Anyways, I think it's finally time to give in and treat myself to some vision-inspired accessories. I love everything here, but if I had to pick just one, it would probably be the beaded bag.

Clockwise, starting at top: Earrings, Sydney Evan // flats, Urban Outfitters // cuff, Dream Collective // leggings, Nasty Gal // bag, The Jewish Museum // scarf, Otrera 

Music Mondays: A scatterbrained playlist

What have you been listening to lately? Before I made this playlist, I'd been listening to a lot of old jazz piano like Vince Guaraldi and Bill Evans nonstop (it's so classy, right?). But it's starting to feel like the beginning of spring here in Austin and I started wanting something a little livelier. There's still some moodiness here and there, but in general, this playlist is pretty cheery and borrows heavily from Wes Anderson soundtracks. If you're on Spotify, you can listen to it here.

February 1, 2013

Bon weekend!


It's been a LONG week. We're going to our friends' place to make sushi tonight, and I'm really looking forward to being lazy on Saturday and Sunday. Hoping to get my hands on Things the Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett, too.

Proof that everyone starts somewhere: The Beatles as an opening band in 1963.

I’ve been playing this word game all week and can’t stop.

The perfect day dress!

So simple and super inspiring: Homemade sketchbooks.

Embroidering can be REALLY amazing. Here’s some jaw-dropping works of art I found on Pinterest.

Would you host an IVF fundraising party?

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited for this.

Hot yogurt soup sounds like the weirdest, most delicious thing ever.

Image: Etsy.com.

Good and Good For You: Chocolate Tinies


It's always really nice when a healthy-sounding dessert recipe actually turns out to be delicious, as was the case with these little cookies. They're super easy and fast to make and don't produce a lot of mess, meaning they're perfect for a weeknight treat. I had a them with a mug of chamomile tea last night, but I bet they'd be even better with some warm milk. So comforting!

Chocolate Tinies
Adapted from Relish

If you don’t have oat or almond flour around (I didn’t), just grind rolled oats and unsalted almonds in the food processor until a powder forms. It only takes about a minute.

1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons oat flour
1/3 cup almond flour
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup safflower oil
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1/4 cup chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 350°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a medium bowl, add the flours, cocoa powder, and salt; use a fork to mix well and break up any cocoa powder lumps. In a measuring cup, add the oil and maple syrup and whisk. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and stir to combine. Fold in the chocolate chips.

Drop rounded tablespoons of the cookie dough onto the prepared baking sheet. (You don’t have to worry about spacing them far apart—since the dough doesn’t have any baking powder or baking soda, they cookies aren’t going to get any bigger.)

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. The cookies will still feel soft and you might think they’re underdone, but take them out. Let cool for 5 or 10 minutes before eating, or store in an airtight container for 2 or 3 days.

Makes about 14 cookies

January 31, 2013

The best thing I've heard all week


“Anpanman spends most of his time running around, saving starving children by letting them take bites out of his oh-so-delicious head.”

The lack of context might make it even better. But now you have to keep reading, right?

Image: sugoiidolkiss.blogspot.com

Pink houses, please

I’m not usually a pink person, but there’s something about seeing a pink house that’s instantly exciting. Don’t you think?



Pink houses generate a lot of questions, too. What kind of people live inside? Did they paint the house themselves, or did it come that way? Is everything pink on the inside, too?



Austin has some pink houses, especially in Hyde Park, near where I live. Lots of the houses are different colors there, which makes me think that the group of people as a whole living in the neighborhood must be really interesting. (That, and a lot of them have couches and all manners of
other indoor furniture on their porches and front yards.)

Pink house blue car


Have you ever known anyone that lives in a pink house? If you ever trick-or-treated at a pink house, did they give out homemade treats instead of mini Snickers? It seems like they might.

Images: 1. soulfulabode.com, 2. houzze.com, 3. still from Edward Scissorhands, 4. housekaboodle.com, 5. unknown, 6. bluebirdvintage.typepad.com

January 30, 2013

Style School: Why beauty oils are the best

Do you use oils as part of your beauty routine? Every time I tell someone about the oils I use, they give me this look like they’re trying to be polite but are actually really grossed out.

But guess what? Your skin and scalp produce oils as a sort of natural protective barrier. And when you try to get rid of them by rubbing astringent all over your face or washing your hair every single day, your body actually works harder to produce more oils. I should know: My skin is super oily, and for years I tried to get rid of the slick with astringent or witch hazel or those oil-absorbing sheets. They made my skin feel tight and dry for about five minutes, and then the oil was back.

I’m not saying you should start rubbing coconut oil all over your face. (Though if you have superdry skin, that could be a big help.) Moderate to oily skin tends to benefit from lighter oils that more closely
resemble the type of oil our own body produces. My favorite is jojoba oil: I actually put it on a cotton ball to take off my makeup (BB cream, blush, eyeliner, and mascara) at night, then rinse my face with warm water. When I wake up in the morning, I splash my face with more warm water and I’m good to go for the day. That’s it!

Other great oils: Neutrogena Body Oil for when you get out of the shower—it absorbs into your skin almost immediately and leaves it feeling really soft. It smells really delicate and clean, too. And if you’re looking for a clean, fresh scent, try a few dabs of white musk essential oil. It’s so much lighter and more refreshing (and way cheaper) than perfumes.

Image: TheLane.com

Are you a dog or cat person?

Have you ever seen a happier creature?

Usually when people ask about being a cat or dog person,
they’re asking about which animal you like better. And my answer’s always the
same: Dog! Dogs are loyal, loving, and ridiculously silly (plus, they’re always
crazy excited to see EVERYONE). Whenever I see a dog—which is often, because I
seem to have a dog radar that makes me notice them automatically—I always feel
happy because it makes me think of my own dog, Charlie (a dog like no other).

Typical cat. Watch out!

But then—and maybe this is weird—I started looking at the
dog or cat person another way. Which animal am I more like? Obviously, cat. I keep to myself, I’m a little bit
lazy, and it takes a lot to get me even mildly excited. When I realized this, I
was sort of struck by the fact that I love dogs so much when I’m so different from
them. Usually, dog owners tend to be more active, friendly, and outgoing, like
their pups. And the stereotypical cat owner is, you know, kind of weird.

I’m wondering if I’m the only sort of opposite animal
person. Are you more drawn to dogs or cats? Does your preference match your own

Image credits: http://dowhattowhosedog.tumblr.com/, http://vi.sualize.us/serious_cat_photography_animals_picture_68tz.html