January 30, 2013

Style School: Why beauty oils are the best

Do you use oils as part of your beauty routine? Every time I tell someone about the oils I use, they give me this look like they’re trying to be polite but are actually really grossed out.

But guess what? Your skin and scalp produce oils as a sort of natural protective barrier. And when you try to get rid of them by rubbing astringent all over your face or washing your hair every single day, your body actually works harder to produce more oils. I should know: My skin is super oily, and for years I tried to get rid of the slick with astringent or witch hazel or those oil-absorbing sheets. They made my skin feel tight and dry for about five minutes, and then the oil was back.

I’m not saying you should start rubbing coconut oil all over your face. (Though if you have superdry skin, that could be a big help.) Moderate to oily skin tends to benefit from lighter oils that more closely
resemble the type of oil our own body produces. My favorite is jojoba oil: I actually put it on a cotton ball to take off my makeup (BB cream, blush, eyeliner, and mascara) at night, then rinse my face with warm water. When I wake up in the morning, I splash my face with more warm water and I’m good to go for the day. That’s it!

Other great oils: Neutrogena Body Oil for when you get out of the shower—it absorbs into your skin almost immediately and leaves it feeling really soft. It smells really delicate and clean, too. And if you’re looking for a clean, fresh scent, try a few dabs of white musk essential oil. It’s so much lighter and more refreshing (and way cheaper) than perfumes.

Image: TheLane.com

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