February 5, 2013

Are mornings worth talking about?

Back in college, when I first started reading Jennifer Causey’s Simply Breakfast blog, I thought I was the only one in the world who was interested in other people’s morning routines.

Not so, at least nowadays. The Bon Apetit blog does a regular My Morning Routine series where celebrities describe what they eat for breakfast. And there are other blogs devoted solely to mornings and breakfast, too. xo breakfast, Desserts for Breakfast, and on and on.

It sounds so mundane, right? So why is it actually really interesting? Yesterday I even found myself absorbed in a New York Times article about Ina Garten’s Sunday morning routine. The Barefoot Contessa eats plain old oatmeal for breakfast? What a disappointment.

My morning routine doesn’t seem that interesting, but then again, it doesn’t seem that different from what most of these people do. So maybe it IS interesting after all? Here’s how it shakes out: I wake up at 7, put on NPR, and drink a huge mug of black coffee while sitting in the dark (on the couch, under a blanket). I check email, go on Facebook, scroll through my Google reader, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, read the latest Dear Prudence column on Slate. Then I take Charlie for an hour walk so we can both get some exercise and I can clear my head. When we get back, I make breakfast: Usually two hard-boiled eggs, but sometimes yogurt with walnuts and honey or, occasionally, homemade tea bread or a scone. I eat breakfast at my desk while I start work.

I know some people just get up and go to work immediately, but I need a lot of time to ease into my day. What about you?

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