February 13, 2013

All eyes on...rompers

I’ll never pretend to be the first person to have discovered anything. I have this sort of built-in old lady thing where most new things seem more new-fangled than cool or exciting, and I’m not interested. Until one day, after I’ve been exposed to it a thousand times, my mind changes out of nowhere. Like iPhones…I didn’t get one until 2012. Or Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Didn’t watch either until last fall. Or olives. I thought I hated them my entire life without even trying them. Until one day in college I had the incomprehensible urge to eat one. And I loved it, and now I eat olives almost every day.

This is silly, but it just can’t seem to be helped. 

Rompers are another thing. They seemed totally silly looking until about…yesterday. Now my mind is starting to change. I think I might want one. One of these might be really nice for spring, which I’m counting on arriving here in Texas in the next week or two.

Nice vague animal print. 

Cute spots, this almost looks like a dress. 

Fun for hanging around at the beach or when you'd really rather be naked on one thousand degree days in August.

If I worked at an office, I'd wear this with a blazer.

So pretty and spring-y, with seriously amazing embroidery.

Chic and simple, this is probably the one I'd pick. 

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