January 30, 2013

Are you a dog or cat person?

Have you ever seen a happier creature?

Usually when people ask about being a cat or dog person,
they’re asking about which animal you like better. And my answer’s always the
same: Dog! Dogs are loyal, loving, and ridiculously silly (plus, they’re always
crazy excited to see EVERYONE). Whenever I see a dog—which is often, because I
seem to have a dog radar that makes me notice them automatically—I always feel
happy because it makes me think of my own dog, Charlie (a dog like no other).

Typical cat. Watch out!

But then—and maybe this is weird—I started looking at the
dog or cat person another way. Which animal am I more like? Obviously, cat. I keep to myself, I’m a little bit
lazy, and it takes a lot to get me even mildly excited. When I realized this, I
was sort of struck by the fact that I love dogs so much when I’m so different from
them. Usually, dog owners tend to be more active, friendly, and outgoing, like
their pups. And the stereotypical cat owner is, you know, kind of weird.

I’m wondering if I’m the only sort of opposite animal
person. Are you more drawn to dogs or cats? Does your preference match your own

Image credits: http://dowhattowhosedog.tumblr.com/, http://vi.sualize.us/serious_cat_photography_animals_picture_68tz.html

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