February 15, 2013

Bon weekend!

Another week—check. Here’s some delightful stuff I found on the interwebs this week. I’m heading to the library this afternoon with hopes to pick up this, this, and this. Saturday night, we’re going to check out a new (to us) wine bar. What about you?

The cast of Empire Records then and now.

Here’s a pretty brilliant use for a ladder.

Sprouted Kitchen’s Chocolate Almond Butter Cups look amazing.

I don’t know why this video doesn’t have a million hits. It’s definitely better than a cat sticking it’s head under a running faucet.

Excellent productivity advice—must try.

J.Crew’s Very Personal Stylist app looks so cool. I wish it was in more stores!

A food and wine pairing chart that’s helpful and gorgeous. (via rusticpeach)

Image: picturescollections.com  

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