January 31, 2013

Pink houses, please

I’m not usually a pink person, but there’s something about seeing a pink house that’s instantly exciting. Don’t you think?



Pink houses generate a lot of questions, too. What kind of people live inside? Did they paint the house themselves, or did it come that way? Is everything pink on the inside, too?



Austin has some pink houses, especially in Hyde Park, near where I live. Lots of the houses are different colors there, which makes me think that the group of people as a whole living in the neighborhood must be really interesting. (That, and a lot of them have couches and all manners of
other indoor furniture on their porches and front yards.)

Pink house blue car


Have you ever known anyone that lives in a pink house? If you ever trick-or-treated at a pink house, did they give out homemade treats instead of mini Snickers? It seems like they might.

Images: 1. soulfulabode.com, 2. houzze.com, 3. still from Edward Scissorhands, 4. housekaboodle.com, 5. unknown, 6. bluebirdvintage.typepad.com

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