February 18, 2013

Music Monday: Piano Appreciation

Part of me wishes I’d been made to take piano lessons as a little kid. I obviously would’ve hated it at the time, because I hate being made to do anything. But to be able to play the piano as an adult would be really nice. Since that probably won’t happen—at least not any time soon—I’m satisfying my piano craving with this mix. Fellow Spotify users can listen here.

1. “How It Should B (Sha Sha)” – Ben Kweller
2. “Battle of Who Could Care Less” – Ben Folds Five
3. “I’m In A Dancing Mood” – Dave Brubeck
4. “Blurry Nights” – Hayden
5. “The Way We Get By” – Spoon
6. “How Many Birds?” – Benji Hughes
7. “I Feel The Eart Move” – Carole King
8. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” – Jerry Lee Lewsi
9. “Lady Madonna” – The Beatles
10. “Let’s Not and Say We Did” – The Silver Jews
11. “Saturday Nite” – Blitzen Trapper
12. “Shadowboxer” – Fiona Apple
13. “I’m A Loser – Live” – Vince Guaraldi
14. “Honky Cat” – Elton John
15. “Hackensack” – Thelonius Monk
16. “Country Pie” – Bob Dylan
17. “Motel” – Hayden
18. “Since I First Met You” – The Robins
19. “Linus and Lucy” – Vince Guaraldi Trio 

Image: nadjaseale.com

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